In use of over 30 years now, SHIMPO potter's wheels have earned the reputation of quality and reliability
among potters not only in Europe and America but throughout the world.


Model RK-3D / RK-3E / WHISPER-T

Now a DD(direct drive)motor is loaded with a potter’s wheel.
Its excellent feafure is quietness, since DD was developed as a highly efficient motor to save energy.
Also, you will not feel any annoying noise or vibration since there are no belts, gears or drive components.
Adjustable height for a comfortable position(RK-3E/Whisper-T)


Model RK-3D RK-3E Whisper-T
Motor 400W(1/2 PS/HP) 300W(1/2 PS/HP)
230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz
1-phase 1-phase
Speed control fixed pedal + lever control electric remote control
Wheelhead speed 0-250UpM 0-250UpM
RpM/t/mn RpM/t/mn
Wheelhead size 300mmφ 350mmφ 300mmφ
Light alloy casting, diameter
Direction of wheelhead Clockwise and counter-clockwise
Dimensions 525×582×515mm 600×702×580mm 750×572×580mm
Weight 45kg 42.5kg 43kg