Global standards of a potter's wheel, developed by Nidec-Shimpo in Japan, has just become available!
This new wheel has the first brushless DC direct drive motor in ceramic's industry. This means no belt or
pulleys. The motor is only moving internal part and it is enclosed in a sturdy metal body.

Speed is controlled by a fixed foot pedal with a lever for hand operation. Direction can be conveniently
reversed by means of a switch mounted near the speed control.

The direct drive design means no vibration from pulleys, belts or tensioning devices. This gives you extremely
smooth operation when throwing delicate ware. Starts and stops are precise.

"POWERFUL" (400W Motor)

The design of the brushless DC motor provides high torque at all speeds. Combined with a "high-tech"
positive feedbach controller, the motor will maintain your preset speed under all load conditions, even
under direct downward pressure.


RK-3D potter's wheel is extraordinary quiet. It's noise level 30 decibels, just like night in suburbs.


Motor 400W(1/2 PS/HP)
230V 50Hz
Speed control fixed pedal + lever control
Wheelhead speed 0-250UpM
Wheelhead size 300mmφ
Light alloy casting, diameter
Direction of wheelhead Clockwise and counter-clockwise
Dimensions 525×582×515mm
Weight 45kg